Critical COVID-19 update

Hey Runners,

UPDATED 8:20pm March 13, 2020

OK, something new and fun.   If you’re not wanting to come and you are PREREGISTERED for the race, use a phone app (strava, runkeeper, etc) to track your run of the distance you signed up for and send us a screen shot.   We’ll send half and full marathoners their finishers medals by mail.  All 3 distances will have their times logged as a separate virtual run result on the MRM website.

  • Must be done March 14th,
  • Must be on real trail.  not roads or bike paths.
  • screen shot(s) should include a crude map as well as distance and time to complete.
  • send your name, age, gender, and the screen shots to Mayhemracemanagement AT Gmail DOT COM
  • don’t cheat, that’d be dumb


UPDATED 8:00pm March 13, 2020

  • As of right now the race is still on for PREREGISTERED RUNNERS (see below), but realize the DNR may close the park with little warning….please monitor the Mayhem Race Management Facebook page and Website for last minute updates.
  • Nobody is requiring you to come if you don’t feel comfortable with the risk.  please use your own judgement and think of the possibility of you being in contact with vulnerable persons in the next 3-4+ weeks.  It’s just a race, there will be others!

The Governor of IL has set some guidelines and we are following them. The recommendations are to cancel events over 250 participants We are much smaller than this BUT it would still be wise to be careful

As such we are asking the following:

  1. if you or anyone in your household are feeling “off” at all, Stay Home.  Stuffy nose or mild cough? Stay home.
  2.  if you are in a high risk category (older or immunosupressed), Stay Home
  3. if you are AROUND older or immunosupressed persons, stay home.
  4. if you are not already signed up, just stay home if you can.  You guys are awesome and we love having you but why risk it?
  5. Consider bringing your own aid and carrying it with you. we will have some but its just another little something you can do
  6. leave your cheering section at home.  fewer people the better.
  7. again, please abide by a don’t be gross philosophy.  we are taking added measures for cleanliness and using more single use food items instead of our usual buffet food spread….we’ll have disinfecting stuff on site, so please use it.
  8. no handshakes or high fives etc. 
  9. awards will be given as runners cross the finish line, so there’s no “gathering” afterwards like we usually do.

If you can’t make it or don’t want to risk it, we will hold gear for you dont worry.  The Mayhem crew is at most central IL trail and ultra races later in the year…..drop us a line and we’ll get it to you once this stuff blows over.   I know many of the bigger spring races are canceling but we expect fall races to still be on unless something changes.